Relax... Sit comfortably in your chair... Allow yourself to get lost... in the sounds... images... movements...

Teaser is an immersive film about physical and emotional feelings during sex. I wanted the film to be an experience for the viewer rather than telling a conventional story. Intuition and improvisation were at the core of the creative process. The genesis of the project took place at Gobelins in Paris. It was then mostly produced at CalArts, California. This is my graduation film.



Here are some early female and male character designs. The intention was to capture raw and primitive energy. The film ended up being more abstract.


I created many loops as the base material for the making of Teaser. Some of them didn't make it into the film.

Making of

Welcome to MOMAAAAAA... Teaser, the virtual exhibition !

Gobelins asked me to do a making of. I decided to present it as a virtual 3D exhibition showing all the preproduction drawings and loops that were cut from the final film. This short film in itself is also looking back at my experience while making the film at CalArts in California.